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Pixologic News
ZBrush 4R6 Announced
(13-Jul-13)  ZBrush 4R6 continues to improve and enhance ZBrush functionality by giving artists access to a rich toolset of new features designed to excite their creativity and boost productivity.
Pixologic is pleased to announce the release of ZBrush 4R5!
(01-Jan-13)  ZBrush 4R5 includes usability upgrades including Dynamic Brush Size control, Mouse Wheel support, Quick/Auto Save functions and much more.
Getting Started with ZBrush 4R4
(28-Sep-12)  Everything you need to know to get sculpting quickly. This guide is a great interactive resource for beginners and veterans alike.
Secrets of ZBrush Experts: Tips, Techniques and Insights for Users of All Abilities
(13-Aug-12)  Book Showcases Experts from the Studios of Disney, Pixar, Weta, Dreamworks, Sony, Blur and Others Sharing Tips, Techniques and Insights
Pixologic ships ZBrush 4R3
(05-Mar-12)  The latest version of Pixologics digital sculpting app ships with enhancements to FiberMesh, Best Preview Render, and the interface, as well as the addition of Vector Displacement Maps and the NoiseMaker plugin

ZBrush Forums
ZBRUSH - Preference Settings for Clean Install
Hi. I have just made two clean installs of ZBrush on my new base station and my recently scrubbed laptop. What are good settings to put in preferences? Here are machine specs: BASE STATION (Desktop) Windows 7 Ultimate - Service Pa ...
Help me on Zbrush
Can someone recommend a dvd that shows me how to start in model in maya, bring into zbrush and end in maya?? I would like to learn a really good workflow. I am currently using Maya 8.5 and Zbrush 3.1. I thought a couple looked good but wondered if th ...
beginner in 3D world
Hi All, I'm just a beginner in this 3D world. My goal is to learn 3D to design my dream house. I have seen many sample of lightwave and 3D STUDIO MAX 7 there are fantastic. I would appreciate suggestion, advise, ideas from all on Books, DVD's ...
Eyes & Corneal Transparency in 3.1
Hi. Im trying to make a simple two-part eye in ZBrush that is basically a sphere within a sphere. The outer sphere is transparent and the inner sphere is white with painted iris and pupil. Iris is concave. How can I improve this? How can I contro ...
what is WYSIWYG-Zscript-Editor? its a Text Editor to incert codes into a note pad these codes can be saved and used in a zscript for making Tools its very quick and very easy. over ((200 codes)) the tabs across the top for (code browsing)to gi ...
Help for human modellers
a page that might be of help to people that dub in human character modelling: have a look at [URL=]this[/URL] ...
editing the primitive again
hello... this is really frustrating how can i edit the primitive for example a cylinder after i create a new one, i press m to place a marker after i create the cylinder and when i create the new primitive and come back to the old primitive i pr ...
zbrush 2.0 for mac for sale
check out on ebay item 7165000951 you will be purchasing the license when transfered to you . you will get a link to download the program from pixologic and a new serial number. email me at if you have any questions , and subm ...
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