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Hi folks, I've just bought into this whole TFT / CRT debate by getting a 19" Acer AL1912 TFT for £259. Maybe it's just me, but for the price this is an unfeasibly good monitor. I was using a pretty decent (for the cash) 19" AOC CRT, for a couple of years. The sharpness (in the sense of examining the screen with a magnifying glass and seeing a perfect little rectangular pixel) is shocking and makes a mockery of the so-called "dot pitch" of CRTs. The fact that light is actively emitted from this thing (as opposed to being an effect of electrons striking phosphorescent chemicals)lends an almost painful brightness and contrast to images. I'm really just seeking some justification for spending so much cash, but does anyone else use this monitor and dislike it? Or TFTs in general?

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