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Lightwave - mercedes 230 sl 1966
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mercedes 230 sl 1966

hi there,

I'm newbie on this forum...I have just posted my last car model....the image is a compositing; only the car and the ground are modelled, the background is a picture.Tell me what you think about it.

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Reply Date: 16-Jan-05

very nice, the model looks excellent. With a little more attention to materials and lighting it will look really good.

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Reply Date: 16-Jan-05

looks really good but the tires throw it off.

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Reply Date: 17-Jan-05

Looks real good. I agree about the tires but it's very minor. Just diffuse them down a little more... Nice job.

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Reply Date: 30-Jan-05

hey man, nicely done with ur compositing! i may b wrong, but is there something wrong with the reflection on the windscreen? looks as if it's a moving reflection...

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