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General - how to move unit smoothly on 3D terrain?
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how to move unit smoothly on 3D terrain?

i am using A* pathfinding algortihm to find the shortest path on 3D terrain. after found that terrain, i just move the unit along the path but there the unit only can move diogonal and straight. i am using openGL function glTranslatef() and glRotatef() to control the movement of unit. is there any trick or algorithm to improve the path and make the movement smoother..? thanx

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Reply Date: 18-Mar-13

Home / Game Design & Programming / How to move unit smoothly on ... finding on 3D Terrian". i am facing problem about moving the unit on ...

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The 3D Depth mapper does not simply provide a static image for viewing but lets you navigate through the Additionally because the terrain is pre-build it can be smooth shaded if desired.

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