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VSpace Server

To start I am a multimedia designer for a manufacturing company. One of my job functions has been to produce 3D product tours of my companies products via the web.

I was previously using Kaon's Activate!3D software which has now been replaced by VSpace Master and Server softwares. I model the products myself as my education was focused on 3D modeling and I like to have as much control as I can over the final output. One thing I liked a lot about Activate was that it was user-friendly and very easy to customize and use (for non-programmers like myself). Now I am working with VSpace Master and Server and I find it very difficult to customize the final look of my 3D product tours.

I am unable to add a background image and/or color, change font and font attributes, edit the look of the shadow, change text box background attributes, etc. without having to know how to read and write code. I have attempted to build my own template from one of the current templates, but I am getting no where fast.

The new software seems very limiting (unless you know how to program) compared to the old software. Granted the quality of the viewing of the models/textures is absolutly fantastic...I feel very limited compared to Activate!3D. The few tutorials that Kaon offer are VSpace Master oriented and not server. In the end I was extremly happy with Activate!3D (which is no longer supported) and not so happy with it's replacement. I almost wish I could go back to Activate!3D...even with the compromise of some quality. I do like, however, not having to purchase seals.

Are there any other resources on how to add some features to the templates?

Are there any plans to make VSpace Server Product tour templates more customizable?

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Reply Date: 21-Jan-05

The thinking behind vSpace Server is that you will define a look & feel in a template, and then be able to easily ensure all the product tours you create will have the same look & feel. That requires a bigger investment of time up front, but our experience has been that it makes subsequent production of product tours much, much faster and less error prone than Activate production used to be.

In terms of making it easier to customize individual tours, there are two things we can do:

1) Write some tutorials on how to customize templates (changing colors, fonts, etc. is actually pretty easy);
2) Continue to improve the templates based on user feedback.

We plan on doing both of these. The next tutorial we'll put up will show how to adjust the basic look & feel (colors, fonts, etc) of a Product Tour Composer template. As you know, we've just updated our standard template to include support for uploading a background image.

The other avenue you should explore is using our new Flash integration capability straight out of vSpace Master. That might provide you with more of the customizability you are looking for (although we have not created a vSpace Server template for Flash embedding just yet).


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Reply Date: 21-Jan-05

Thank you for your reply. Tutorials like the ones that you mentioned would be very useful. All in all I am still very pleased with the final results compared to Activate.

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