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Gmax - a building
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a building

hello! im totally new to gmax and i've been studying the tutorial Discreet has posted. i didn't find anything about creating a 3d environment. what i mean is take for example a building that can be viewed from the outside and at the same time, its insides be accessible. im suppose to create a game like counter strike, and i need an environment for my character to roam around. can anyone help me? or at least give me a URL of where to find a tutorial about my problem?

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Reply Date: 23-Apr-05


Download Game Level Builder 2.22 from Just click on 'Max-Scripts' on this page.
It's a free add-on to max and gmax that lets you draw walls and click in floors and doors etc. It also exports to the Half-Life and Counter-Strike .map format. There is a commercial version (GLB3) for just $30, that has a lot of new features including entities, terrain tool, map checker, easy stairs and bridges etc.

Hope this helps,


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