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General 3D Discussion - Help me decide!!
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Help me decide!!

Hey Guys!

I have been a graphic designer for the past 17 years. I would like to branch out from 2D into 3D. Would someone please give me a few opinions on what the best software is for a beginner to get their feet wet with? I would like to acquire software that is mainstream and practical, in other words, I already know not to consider Maya at this point.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Reply Date: 15-May-05

You sure can do a lot with photoshop 3 ( I personally don't care for all the new additions on photoshop 7 ). If you want to see some of my work which illustrates my point........just type SINGLETARY GALLERY
on your search bar ( it pops up NO. 1 on google search ). You can even go through the easy LOGIN process and leave a comment on any of my works. Just like this website ......don't forget to LOGOUT.
Signed: Robert Singletary__Sunday May 15, 2005__11:34 P.M.
(eastern standard time) USA

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