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General 3D Discussion - Interview of Mauro Frau at
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Interview of Mauro Frau at

Mauro Frau

by, Scott Davis

I had seen some of the artwork of the Mauro Frau previously around the internet. Specifically, I had seen the tank shown below at another site. I thought it was a really remarkable design and loved how it matched its' design sketch so well. I tracked down the artist and found she had made a really neat animation. It is not your typical animation, but it really was entertaining. It has a great story-line and is carried out very well. I absolutely love the way she coordinated the sound with her fine visual imagery. I am very happy that Mauro Frau agreed to an interview, and is allowing me to show off her amazing work here at my site. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

On to the interview...

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