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3D Help Wanted - Attention War40k - 3d modellers/riggers/animators
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Attention War40k - 3d modellers/riggers/animators

We're looking for remote people like yourself who use 3dsmax for modelling, rigging, or animating (mostly the first two). I am screening for people and once I find them I send them to the 3d gurus currently working on the various Dawn of War Modding projects. These "gurus" will have no problem communicating with you on what needs to be done. The work is not hard whatsoever especially with talent like yours but the end-result will be having the 3d models working in a real-time 3d environment controlled by end-users/players. There is no monetary compensation for this work but the reward comes in working with fellow 3d experts in creating a hugely important modding project with worldwide appeal. It is a "collaberative endeavour" in which will take 2-6 months (sooner as more people like yourself come onboard). Its part-time work - we understand you have a regular social/work life so thats why we're ensuring everyone is comfortable with the arrangement. To say its an exciting challenge is an understatement!

Here are a few links of the models that are done + rigged/animated that will give you an idea what the plan is:

Sketches are, by and large, complete for most Dawn of War modding projects so the requirement is to take the sketches, consult with the applicable team on art direction, model, rig, skin, then animate.

Further, if you know someone who might be interested in such a challenge and who would like to add something to their 3d career/portfolio PLEASE don't hesitate to show them this way!

Thanks all!

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Reply Date: 21-Jul-05

New opprotunities available to offer a serious challenge and express your creative side!

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Reply Date: 29-Sep-05

Expansion is available now so many more opprotunities are here to excel in your artistic flair.

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Reply Date: 23-Feb-06

hello, im intretested in getting kinda infamous of my 3d art work to a degree. but i can only say that i would only be a potential helper for your team right now because i dont have 3d studio max as im using true space. AND i am just starting to learn 3d modeling etc. So i will email you when i have learned 3d studio max and when me and you guys would be convinced i would be good with 3d modeling. i hope you didnt mind hearing this info about me heheh. i woudnt mind giving you some free models. good luck and ill try to email soon when i am ready.


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Reply Date: 10-Apr-06

Afternoon... Yes please do drop by! We have a critical need for texturers and animators! Lots of super-exciting opprotunities!

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