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Classified Ads - New 3dfrog Store Online!
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New 3dfrog Store Online!

I am pleased to announce the grand opening of my new cafepress 3dfrog store. I am selling many products with my 3d graphics on them. Please stop by and take a gander.

Here is the URL:

Please support a struggling learning 3d artist.

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Reply Date: 26-Jun-05

...sorry, but those models need some work.

(this forum isnt meant for advertising)


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Reply Date: 30-Jun-05


As my post says I am a learning animator so I know I'm not the greatest yet, but people are resonding well to my designs as I am selling items. I will get better.

I think this forum is for advertising as it is called classified ads. That would pretty much be the definition.

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Reply Date: 10-Jul-05

At first I was like, Wow those models are horrible. But I guess they arnt bad for clip art and t-shirts. lol. I like the Kiss the frog T.

"The Generation that will change the world, is the Generation that the world can't change" ~P. Greg Devries

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Reply Date: 12-Jul-05

Man, this place is harsh, lol.

I would appreciate a little more commentary than they need work or they are horrible, that doesnt really help me any. Now I am curious to why you guys don't like my models. I have been getting pretty good feedback other places.

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