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3D Help Wanted - total newbie and looking for advice
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total newbie and looking for advice

hi everyone.
i'm a total newbie to the world of 3d but i am very keen to do some hard learning.
what i am wanting to do is create a fully 3d haunted house web site, where people can visit the site and virtually walk through it, but i also want to turn the rooms of the house into shops where i can display the items that i sell in my online store.
i know this is going to take some very very hard work but i'm more than willing and prepared to put the time and effort into it, i just don't know where to start, can anyone point me in the right direction? what programs i would need etc? what would be a good place to learn etc? your imput and advice is much much appreciated.

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Reply Date: 20-Jul-05

Basically you can do the whole thing in Flash. You could also try 3d studio with the usage of maya,but it's up to you. Next time leave your ID etc ;) later.

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