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3D Help Wanted - Designer wants help
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Designer wants help

hi I m just a grafic designer student... and I have to do one final project for course that im gonna be finishing next june 2006.

and the Idea for that project was to design an hotel-party-like island, and everything(almost) related to it from the original buildings, to t-shirts, jewelry, maybe even some fashion design(this last thing I think I'm just dreaming high, but that is a good thing...) oh and I wanted also to make some garden architecture... but where do I get the plants and flowers?

but that is not the main issue right now...
right now what I need to know is if its possible to make that island with the buildings and plants, and people in it walking around showing the t-shirts and pants that im gonna design (at least the tshirts) and make all of this, and make a player(camera) walking(or flying) around the island and have some kind of inventory whenever I chose one object (lets say a cereal box in one of the shops of the island, I would pick it up, a inventory apears, and shows to the audience the object rotating in 3d, mouse controled, and an info box on the side)

basically, what I want to do is a game with the cenario (island) and some ppl just walking around with the clothes... for now I dont think that has to involve gravity, but wind efects would be nice.

can I do it in 10 months? whats the best game engine to do that, and does it support maya's-3dsmax-cinema4d model importation?

note:I've been working only in cinema 4d till now... i have to get my pc cleanned in order to work in maya's and 3dsmax

one more thing... if this is possible, what sould be the machine needed for the job? I have a P4 2.4g, 512RAM, a gforce4-ti4200, and a 200gb disk-space

thanks for your attention

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Reply Date: 14-Sep-05

You should get a dual core P4 or AMD and at least 1Gig RAM because 3DSmax will be able to take advantage of the two processor cores. As for the 3D work you will need help, or not sleep for the next ten months. As far as game engines go I have no idea which one would be best. Take a look at for tips.

If you want somehelp with some background modeling contact me at an I might be able to help you out a bit


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