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Maya - shadow-map, ramp and lights
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shadow-map, ramp and lights

well, here is the problem:

we have a shadow-map, where the input-color is a phong-shader and the shading-map-color is a colored ramp, so that the color of the shader depends on the lighting (which is good for cartoons, because the brightest and the darkest color depends on the ramp).

now we have the following problem: if the light is too intense the thing doesn't work: the shader repeats itself:

light-intensity: 1 (normal)

light-intensity: 2

now, here is the real problem: you may know the nprs-shader that looks pretty cool in cartoons. this shader is based on such a shading-map, what means, that i have problems with lights in combination with the nprs-shader.

light-intensity: 1

light-intensity: 2

well, the problem is, sometimes i need such high light-intenities. so, thank you for your help.

(well there is some other problem: shading-maps do not work with mental ray and so nprs does not. is there a solution, too?)


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Reply Date: 29-Aug-05

hi ...i don't know what you whant to do..but try to put a sampler info
utility to your ramp...this spread the color

in hypershade...delete 2d placement of the ramp...and tie facing ratio(sampler info) with V coord(ramp)...

maybe it help you..

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Reply Date: 28-May-08

There are two things... one thing is what the previous person said. the other is that your light should not be blowing out any texture that you have. try modeling in a smaller scale, that way if you have decay on your light it will fall off like it should and you wont have to use such a strong light.

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