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3D Help Wanted - Crystal Core is Looking for a Good 3D Artist
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Crystal Core is Looking for a Good 3D Artist

Crystal Core is a free science fiction based game based on the Crystal Space 3D Engine. The game will be 100% free and Open Source. The basics of the story is that you are a human colonist who gets stranded on an alien planet. The planet used to host an advanced alien civilization but those are now extinct due to an invasion of brutal new aliens. The game is going to be more then just another shooter. The idea is that you need to get your ship repaired again. To do that you must solve various quests and puzzles (like reactivating some of the alien equipment and so on).

Crystal Core is looking for 3D Artist(s) that know how to make good animated 3D models using the Cal3D animation library. We have a very good level artist (see the screenshots below for some 'work-in-progress' screenshots), we have some good music and some amazing sound effects but the major thing we lack right now is a good artist to create the player model(s) and alien models. Be aware that Crystal Core is a free game so you will not be payed for your work! You have to do it for the satisfaction of being part of a great project. See the Crystal Core page for more details on the game. Read the rest of this article for some links to screenshots.

Mail me ( or Contact Us if you are interested in this.

Here are a few screenshots. All are work in progress (and all is made with Blender of course!):

* Outside
* Laboratory 1
* Laboratory 2
* Communications Center
* A Corridor


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