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Lightwave - Creating Text in a Circle
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Creating Text in a Circle

Hi there - second time posting this question the lst one was read 9 times and nobody came up with an answer. I would like to be able to have some logo text or standard text extruded but I want to have the text in a circle - it is for a logo - the best way I can describe it is a bit like text on the face of a coin - following the outside edge but on the face - does that make sense? Anyway if anyone can help me it would be great. I am buying a couple of books but they dont seem to tell me how to do this. Thanks everyone.


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Reply Date: 22-Oct-05


If I understand your question...

I don't know how to do it in lightwave; if I had to do it I would create the "circle" text in Illustrator or something like it and export as an .EPS and then import into LightWave and extrude...


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Reply Date: 24-Jan-06

I don't know if you're still looking for this technique, Paul, but I have done it successfully many times.

Use TEXT Tool to create the line of text that you want. Then, set the left-hand edge of the text on the Y axis line, and center the text vertically on the X axis.

Go to the side-view window in modeler and use the BEND tool, clicking on the end of the line of text that is closest to you, and then while holding down the left mouse button, drag downwards a little ways. Check the numerics and see which numbers are increasing. Undo the operation, and then hit the "n" key to bring up the numeric panel and in the window that you saw the increase in the angle, type in "360." The text will then form a circle!

You can choose to extrude it either before or after you perform the above operation.

Larry A.

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Reply Date: 31-Jul-06

Hi there!
For me, the easiest way to do this is to create text in a circle in Ilustrator, then save the file as .AI but for ilustrator 8. Then in LW, use the import tab, EPSF loader, and simply import the AI file. All You have to do is to ehtrude it in LW and voila!

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Reply Date: 15-Jan-07

Thx ...hopeffully got a free plugin to do that ^^

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Reply Date: 21-Dec-07

its easier to do it with the EPS file

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