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3D Help Wanted - Need help with work load. 3D designer needed
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Need help with work load. 3D designer needed

My work load is becoming overwelming. Success isn't always a good thing. I need an experienced 3D designer that can also do a little web and general 2d graphic design. I need someone ASAP..This weekend if possible for a 3D project. I want to see a few samples of plastic toy like 3d meshes. I have plastic shaders you will have to use though for consistancy. I need someone who is fast.

This is paying freelance work for this project and other projects in the future to take up some slack. Pay ranges based on the projects. Generally from $20-$30 per hour. My prices will go up in Jan. so in the future pay could be more. Workload will vary month to month so I need someone freelance that can take up the slack from time to time and maybe take on full projects as well.

Email me to with samples (or wen link) and basic explanation of experience. I would like to see samples of plastic toys. You must be fast and able to meet deadlines. I am a very experienced senior graphic designer myself, but the work load is overwelming.

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Reply Date: 04-Jan-06

I dont know if you are still looking for a bit of help, but ill offer my self up anyway.Im a 3d modeller for architectural work but have also worked in the industrial design field doing conceptual design.The idea of modeling up toys appeals to me so if your interested drop me a line.

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Reply Date: 11-Jan-06

Since 1995—a year before 3ds max's commercial introduction—I have been working in 3D, performing modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering of such objects and scenes. This work has comprised product concept design, Web graphics, material for e-learning systems, corporate logos, game prototypes and more. I do not have 3D experience specific to figurine-toy objects, however, if that is your requirement in this instance. I am not a character modeler/animator.

My other digital content-development experience includes interface design, photo restoration and editing, still and motion compositing, 2D logo design, texture design, ad design, general graphic design and some video and editing (along with sound editing). I also have done multimedia development.

I consider myself an expert-level Photoshop user, 3D modeler and photo -restoration and -editing specialist, and I also have done volumes of writing about CG—including dozens of published pieces. I am exceptional with detail in all things.

The appertaining applications with which I am familiar are Realsoft 3D (v. 4.0,4.1,4.2,4.5), 3ds max (v. 3.1) and Rhinoceros (v. 1.0,1.1,2.0). I started, back in 1995 and 1996, using the now-defunct Visual Reality and Extreme 3D (Macromedia), respectively. I also own a commercial, licensed, legal copy of CINEMA 4D 8.503. In the 2D realm I have worked with Photoshop (v. 3.05,4,6,7,CS), Photo-Paint (v. 5), Commotion (v. 4.0,4.1), Premiere (v. 4.2,5,6) and the now-defunct Adobe LiveMotion (v. 1.0,2.0), plus a few others. (LiveMotion is a Web-specific, trimmed-down version of After Effects that does output to QuickTime.)

So if I can be of any service to you, please contact me by phone at 573.230.7622 (cell), or by email at Please visit my website at For artwork samples click on the "Portfolio" link, then on the "3D PROJECTS" link or another 3D-section hyperlink.

If you would be unable to use me on the current project—which appears to have already been fulfilled, based on posted dates—please retain my contact information and keep me in mind for future projects.

Best regards,

Ed Scott

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