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3D Help Wanted - Creating exhibition rooms
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Creating exhibition rooms

For a low budget photography event i would like to create a walk-through virtual museum or exhibition hall in 3D on a website. The visitor of the site enters the rooms and goes along the pictures or other objects on the walls. And in such a manner that he can go to them and step back, click and enlarge it, look at panoramic pictures on one wall, etc. etc.
Much the same as you would enter and cruise a not too complex gameplay environment. So far i found no examples of that. Has anyone worked with something, seen something like that? I am totally new in 3D, but i'm sure there is some solution around the corner.
Please give me some feedback, anyone.


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Reply Date: 24-Dec-05

At work right now, but I remeber seeing something like that in a jigsaw program I have at home.

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