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3D Help Wanted - Mobile crafts design, which software???
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Mobile crafts design, which software???

I’m new here, and I really don’t know very much about 3d softwares, since I’ve used until now only 2d graphic programs, both raster and vector, like photoshop and autocad (this one sometimes in 3d). Now my question…
Do you know those things called “mobiles”, made of 2d (sometimes 3d) shapes floating in the air, joined togheter with steel and/or nylon wires? If no, here are some examples:

Now, I’m wondering what 3d program is better to help in designing those mobiles and simulate their movements with simple animations. Of course it should be able (at least) of easily taking into account every material / weight involved (toward the perfect equilibrium…), other simple mechanical properties of the shapes and wires (like resistance to air of the shapes, wire flexibility and torsion etc) and, for the animations, a light air flow…

In the place where I do work It should be easier for me to learn and use 3dstudio, Maya or Rhino. Do you think one of these three should be useful for this work (and other similar “kinetic crafts” works)? Or it would be better to get and learn another one? …I’d prefer not to discover in six months that I’ve learnt the wrong software!

Thanks a lot for your help, and sorry for my 3d ignorance (!) and for my bad English…..
Andrea Filippini, Torino (Italia)

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