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Lightwave - Help Needed!
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Help Needed!

Hello, i am a new user to lightwave and looked at a tutorial which somone modeled a car 'poly by poly' as he called it
Starting with one polly you extender it using the extend tool following the blue prints.
theres a problem when i use the extender tool and every second polly flips beneath and is not visible from the top.
Theres a screenshot below if anyone can help!
thank you very much!

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Reply Date: 28-Aug-08

It's really not a problem, just select the poly and press f to flip normals, works like a charm. If you have LW 9 (maybe 8+ ?)you can just use extender plus for your models-it saves a lot of time since it's just a shortcut and solves a lot of those kinds of problems.

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