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Vue D'Esprit - Plants for Vue!!!
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Plants for Vue!!!

i was gonna check out their special discount offer on the new libraries,
see also their New Press Release!

i tried the free Birch Tree in both vue 4 and vue 5 infinite and it seems quite be good...
i am just wondering if anyone can feedback on the new "Version 2" DVD stuff?

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Reply Date: 26-Apr-06

I'm sorry for the impression to be a spammer (since nobody answered...) but in fact i never tried prebuilt plant models before (selfmade is the respectable...)... so i was wondering about a socalled Version2!

i never used any Version1 plant model so far! Anyway, i better specify my question:
some of the plants seem to work accurately in any host application, but others do not (i found problems loading a model in vue while it works correctly in c4d). Does not seem to be a problem of the xfrog models (hope so :-) but more related to vue??!! just want to be sure about new software since their offer ends up on 30th April!

Thanx for comments.

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Reply Date: 05-Oct-09

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