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3D Help Wanted - Looking for Programmers and Artists, and OTHERS! H
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Looking for Programmers and Artists, and OTHERS! H

Team name:
Mattlab Studios

Project name:
Mountain Tycoon

Brief description:
Build, run and ski / snowboard on your very own ski mountain. Compete and ski with hundreds of other skiers and snowboards online. Build: ski runs, lifts, lodges to terrain parks and half pipes. The game includes a mission storyline which begins in 1950 and goes to the present as well as a sandbox mode. Help build a real life ski area using in game tools. The game, as previously mentioned, also has a MMOG like online multiplayer planned. See Test Drive Unlimited (Game being published by Atari)for example.

The project has been in development for 4 years by 1-3 people and recently development has stopped. I hope to rebuild a whole new team and restart development on this truly amazing game and prove that something like this can be made by volunteers and that it can be one of the biggest, best, games ever! I will not make a bad game and I am striving for a AAA title! I have experience in the industry (see Additional Info) and bring that to this title. We are all volunteers doing this in our spare time and it is possible!

This game will be seen by all and involvement in this project will be a valuable resource if it does indeed go big and is published by a publisher (HIGH POSSIBILITY - NO more info is public at the moment).

I am all about learning new things, teaching others what I know, managing a successful organized team and above all HAVING FUN!

Send me an email at for more info!

Target aim:
The target release date for the game is Holiday 07. We would like to release the game in stores and have it published by a major game publisher. I have experience working the game industry in both Product Development as well as a large amount of time in Marketing. I have "worn both caps" and bring that experience to the table want to make this amazing game and teach others what I know along the way.

The project is solely composed of volunteers. We all work together as a team and we do it to gain experience, build a resume, learn new things, get credit in a potentially published game, and most of all HAVE FUN MAKING THE GAMES WE LOVE THE WAY WE WANT THEM!

If the game is published by a publisher then YES we would want to somehow compensate the team and this would be discussed as we got closer to that point. Right now we are all volunters, as with any game project similar to this one. Who knows we might even someday start a real dev studio and some team members might have the oppurtunity to join.

Target System:
PC, MAC, and LINUX first (being programmed simultaneously), with potential for XBOX 360, Nintendo Revolution, PS3 later
Visual Studio
IronRaph 3D Engine (designed by Mattlab Studios)
3DS Max 6 or greater
Maya (hoping to expand to be able to work in Maya and other programs)
Misc Info:
We use Mircrosft Project Server to manage the team. We have a team site (not public) and we have our own dedicated server for source control and file exchange / team conversation. We strive to be organized and well run.

Talent needed:
Producer - Position Filled (Mattlab)
Project Manager - Position Filled (Rhys)
Lead Designer / IT - Position Filled (Jeff/Mattlab)

Lead Programmer -
Programmer 1 -
Programmer 2 -
Programmer 3 -
Programmer 4 -
Programmer 5 -
Programmer 6 -
Specialized Programmer 1 (Should know AI, but not limited to) -
Specialized Programmer 2 (Should know AI, but not limited to) -
Specialized Programmer 3 (Should know Network Code/MMOG, but not limited to) -
Specialized Programmer 4 (Should know SDK for 3dsmax and Maya/other tools) -

Note: Specialized Programmers will be focused on their focus area but can and will be working on many the many other parts of the game.

Lead Artist -
Tech Artist -
Lead Animator -
Artist 1 -
Artist 2 -
Artist 3 -
Artist 4 -
Artist 5 -
Specialized Artist 1 (Should know how to model plants/organic things) -
Specialized Artist 2 (Should know how to model structures well) -
Specialized Artist 3 (Should know how to animate) -
Texture Arist (primarily focused on re/texturing things) -

Note: The specialized artist will focus on their specialized art area but can and will most likely work on many other things in the game.

Server Architecture specialist - Position Filled (Jeff)
Database Programmer (Familiar with MMOGs if possible) -
Web Designer / Webmaster -
Community Relations (Manage forums/community part of website)-

Assistant Producer -
Team Assistant -
Public Relations -
Sound Engineer (Come up with sound effects) -
Composer (Create music for the game) -

Team structure:
In addition to what is listed above we have 2 part time "consultants". They helped to make the game originally and have run out of time. One was the Lead Programmer and one was the Lead Artist.

Website: (Forum ONLY at the moment, we want to make a site)

ICQ: 338297538

Additional Info:
I will close by saying that I do have industry experience and the team I currently have involved brings so much knowledge to the table that I know we will be successful and have a lot of FUN doing! We are all passionate about the game and really just want an AMAZING game unlike any other which why we are all involved in the project. I would say that that game is about 40% done and I want to restart development, with a new team, from where we left off.

Here are some shots from the game:

This game and everything associated including but not limited to screenshots, ideas, content, code, images, art, are all copyrighted - 2006.


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