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Software Advice

I'm new to 3D modelling and have been picking up the basics of several free programs over the past few weeks. So far I've been most successful in Wings 3D, but was put off it when I found that its models, when imported into programs displaying each vertex and edge, often divided surfaces into many more triangles than was necesary. I have also tried Blender, Anim8or, and a few others.

I would like to find a free or cheap (since I'm only just learning) program that allows you to place and move vertices to exact locations (by typing in coordinates), and then join them into faces. I find that programs which only allow you to extrude, subdivide, etc. primitives are restrictive. Being able to fine tune individual vertices or add new ones would be helpful. Is there such a program?

Texture mapping and exporting in all the usual file formats (.obj, .3ds, .lwo) would also be nice, but not necessary since Blender or another would serve these functions.


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