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3D Help Wanted - Arthur C. Clarke: Maelstrom II - Maya Animators
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Arthur C. Clarke: Maelstrom II - Maya Animators

Volunteer Maya Animators needed!
Arthur C. Clarke: Maelstrom II Digital Short
Description: An HD Science Fiction Digital Film Short based on the short story by Arthur C. Clarke. Dr. Clarke is best known as the co-author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, a science fiction cinematic master piece by the late Stanley Kubrick.
Talented actor Chuck Marra was video recorded using state-of-the-art film quality Sony HD cameras on a bluescreen stage.
The goal is to use only his face in a 95% CG digital short.
We are looking for volunteer Maya animators to "match-a-mate" a CG body in a G suit and gloves to Chuck's bluescreen performance.
Here is a link to our "Virtual Audition":
Maelstrom II Maya Match-a-mation Virtual Audition
Interested applicants, please follow the instructions on the above link.
Successful applicants will receive credits in the film for work performed. You will also have permission to add the shots you worked on to your show reel / portfolio.
This is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to work on a state-of-the-art digital short, based on a story by a legend in science fiction and space exploration!
The completed project will be submitted to the Cannes and Sundance Short Film Festivals.
Finally, Maelstrom II will be distributed on [hd]dvd to highschool and college classrooms as a teaching tool in the Colonisation of Space!

Thanks, and good luck!

Jeroen Lapre'
Maelstrom II
A production.
Making Science Compelling
PO Box 817
Forest Knolls CA 94933

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