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3D Help Wanted - Help needed =)
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Help needed =)

This is a pretty fun and easy job tought. I would like to have it free by the way but ill think you think this is a fun job and ull get credit for it.

I would need a logo for a website me and my friend are developing, its about games and cheats/reviews and much more. We are working hard on it and now there is mabye 1-2 month more work then its up.

I would be very happy if some of you could take some of your spare time and help me out.

The thing i would like to be created is a snail a cool and suprised snail, i want it to look funny but cool at the same time, mabye you can make it with a gun or something or just a cool snail with a gaming style or matrix style.

Got any futher quastions please ask and ill help you do it. By the way i want the rights on it i dont want it to be spread as a free logo and we will give you who make it all credit for the logo on the webpage when its finished.


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