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Poser - the placement of cloths, characters is messed up
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the placement of cloths, characters is messed up

I have some files with cloths, characters, poses and hairs. Some I bought, some I got free. When i go into poser there are no system, everything is place in different categories, f.eks heir under posese, clothes under figures and so on. No system at all. Is there anything to do to change this?

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Reply Date: 04-Aug-06

Don't post in this forum if you need help, there are no answers or activity in this forum. I found an answer to my problem: under libraries there are a simelar (sorry my english)catalog structur as you will find on your hardrive. I just added a catalog under libraries > characters, and when i started poser, there it was under figures. then it should be easy to make a catalog structure that make sense.

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Reply Date: 26-Aug-09

But Why not Post this Forum???

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

I'd be glad to try to help; you just need to figure out how Poser organizes things, which, like any program, idiosyncratic to the designers.

So lets get to work, and figure Poser out together, ok?

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