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3D Help Wanted - 10 Second 3D Animation For Film
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10 Second 3D Animation For Film

We are looking for a zealous 3D Animator who would like to get his work credited on film as a jumping board for further work. We have made a 7 minute long movie that we are looking to add some 3D animation into.

We've used a high quality Sony F900 Digital Camera so the picture is great. The mat work is awesome and we've used green-screen technology as well. This is highly ambitious and our investors are merely waiting for the animation to be complete.

This will provide us with the funding we need to go into our already pre-planned and scripted feature film. Of course, we will use the animator for all future work.

If you're interested, please contact us at:

Please include samples of your work.

Thank you in advance,

Spiro Floropoulos
Cinderella Films

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