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Maya - how to make splashing water
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how to make splashing water

hello everybody
thats my first project, and i need to make fallig child in swimming pool.
how i need to make water splashing.
is sombody knows how to make it?
it will be better if you will write to my e-mail:
thank you very much!!!!!!!!

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Reply Date: 13-Feb-07

there's a program that U can use for realisting water splash. Although I'm new to this program myself it's a really good water simulation program .. takes a day or 2 to get use to it it's called Realflow .. beautiful pice of software.

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Reply Date: 06-May-08

follow step by step
1.create a pond(dynamic mode:FLUID EFFECTS/pond/create pond) pond & then: FLUID EFFECTS/pond/create wake wake & on the last frame press S button
4.move the wake to the lowest part of your model,then press S
5.move both your model & wake,then press S
when wake gets to the pond surface it makes some waves.
you can use a ocean as pond.

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