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3D Help Wanted - can anybody help me!!!!
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can anybody help me!!!!

can anybody help me!!!!
i am lookin for somthing on hair dynamics...
basically i would like to simulate the mechanical behaviour of threads in a braided fabric...say interwovening of 4 threads as a unit and apply forces on all sides to simulate the deformation of consists of two sets of parallel threads running at 90 0r 45 degrees and inter woven between them as we can see normally in all cloths

I used hair dynamics by converting curves into dynamic curves...extrude surface on them with a radius.i dont know how i can make different hair systems collide each other with a collision of offsets...means curves of individual hairs should not cross each other witnin their radius of hair.
i tried with single hair system including four interwoven dinamic curves. i try to simulate as 2 forces acting in perpendicular direction to the unit.but i am unable group 2 of them to one force and other 2 of them to an another force.since its a single hair system, i am unable differentiate forces between folicles...
i tried also with four hair system and applied forces to them seperately and try to animate but those curves r crossing each other and doesnt look more really...even i gave collision between the hair system and the extruded surfaces.

can anybody give some suggestions how i can do this.. i am not very much good in dynamics.

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