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Mods - Battlefield 2 MOD: Desert Conflict recruiting
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Battlefield 2 MOD: Desert Conflict recruiting

View trailer here:
Please note that, some of the Models used in our MOD are stock BF2 models.

- What is Desert Conflict?
[url=]Desert Conflict[/url] is a total conversion modification for [url=]EA's Battlefield 2[/url].

- Who makes Desert Conflict?
We have a diverse and qualified team of developers that are separated into various departments of expertise. Some of the developers are very multi-talented and assist production in more than one department.

- Desert Conflict accomplishments?
In December 2005, Desert Conflict made available a Capture the Flag Mini-Mod.
On March 30th, 2007, we released a full-blown Mod which contains many new vehicles, maps and weapons.

- Future project?
We currently have two (2) separate teams working for[url=] Desert Conflict[/url] which is a BF2 MOD and [url=]Project Sawafi[/url] which is a [url=] Frontline Fuel of War[/url] MOD that will be available early next year.

- What are we looking for?
* Full/part time Modelers & Skinners
* Strong 3Dmax and or Photoshop skills are a must
* Attention to detail
* Ability to create US and Iraqi vehicles/weapons.
* Ability to create custom Static’s (Buildings, Bridges). Players must be able to enter buildings; therefore, interior static’s are a must.
* Must be motivated and able to work with others.
* Knowledge on how the BF2 engine operates is a huge PLUS.
* Must have example models to show off.

If you are interested and you are comfortable with what we’re looking for, then PLEASE drop us a line at [url=]recruitment thread[/url], and one of our staff will contact you.

Looking forward to meet and hopefully work with you guys.

Thank you for your time,

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