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Maya - Snow, rain, and sunny sky - I need help
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Snow, rain, and sunny sky - I need help

Hi everybody,

I am new at Maya, and have been looking for tutorials on how to make snow, rain - and make the snow and the rain bounce off of a surface/roof - and a sky where we can see the sun. I haven't been able to find tutorials on these and I need help ASAP, please. I still use Maya 7.


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Reply Date: 06-May-08

1.set your software to rendering mode(i don't know what u call it)
2.go to:paint effects/get brush
3.from this window go to WEATHER & select a paint effect
that u need.
for the sun create a point light in attribute editor select light effects then select box for light glow u can change the items to create sun but my idea is: (glow type:none),(halo type:linar/exponential)

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