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Mods - The Way the World Ends : Source
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The Way the World Ends : Source

Hello everyone, TWTWE:Source is a zombie modification for the Source engine We are looking for Coder's and Modellers at the moment.

Mod Information

Well this is TWTWE and its a multiplayer mod for the source engine.

Yes, this is a zombie modification and I intend for it to be a good one...You are the survivor of an epidemic. You and 6 other survivors will fight off the infected(Bots) in many different environments while completing objectives at the same time. You will have to rescue survivors(kind of like the way you rescue a Hostage in CS:S). And in other cases the number of infected will be to overwhelming and you will be forced to barricade yourself somewhere and fight off the infected until you are rescued. Infected will vary from fast, slow, medium speeds, some will be more gross looking than others. Their speed will all depend on how old they are, what type of wounds they have, {etc.}


We need an advanced coder who knows there way around the source engine and can implement code efficiently, we aren't worried about speed, we are worried about quality so keep that in mind. Requirements Below.

-Must know the source engine very well and needs to be able to make a multiplayer and/or singleplayer mod.
-Have at least 1 year's experience in coding for the source mod.
-Must be able to implement new weapons,models,animations, and sounds.
-Needs to be able to edit original code without messing anything up.
-Must be able to change team names, add a spectator mode.
-Need to be able to implement zombies into the game. (Zombies are bots)
-Definately needs to be active.

We need an organics modeller as well as a prop/weapons modeller.

Basically we are looking for someone who can model humans and/or zombies, either one is sufficient. Being able to Skin your own stuff as well as animate it, is definately an eye catcher.

Next we are looking for someone who can model props and weapons some examples of weapons and props we need modelled would be. Being able to skin/animate/UV map/Compile your own stuff is a huge plus.

Prop Examples
Fire Extinguisher

Weapon Examples

For Melee
Golf Club
Hockey Stick
Baseball Bat
Lead Pipe
Fire Axe
Hunting Knife
Pick Axe

For Guns
Snub Nose
A Shotgun(Your Choice)
MAC 10
Hunting Rifle(w/scope)

just to name a few

If you ARE interested or think you can provide anything for the mod please feel free to email me @ If youre not, well, may I just say happy hunting.

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