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Maya - Cant import a file through hypershade
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Cant import a file through hypershade

please give me the method how to import a file(*.JPG) through hypershade import file.

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Reply Date: 16-Dec-08

That actually isn't the purpose of importing in the hypershade. If what you want is a jpeg shader, then simply go to the top menu of the hypershade called create, then materials, then select the material best suited for what you need. (You can read up in maya help on each one's strengths) For now just pick a lambert.

You'll see a gray sphere appear in the hypershade, that's what you just made. Now click it, and on the right in the attribute editor (you'll see at the top right of maya three little icons, select the far left one for the attribute editor) Once there you'll see the material's attributes, one is called Color and to the right is a checkerboard pattern, click the pattern.

A menu comes up, select the mountain picture that is titled File, and the attirbute editor on the right will be replaced with the file attribute menu. Click the folder icon nect to the blank space, and find the jpeg you want to import. There you are! Now you can place that lambert shader on any object in your scene.

For a more indepth look at shaders and materials Maya help has some good tutorials. If that isn't the problem you were having, try to clarify and I'll try to help.


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