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Poser - How to export to many images
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How to export to many images

Could you tell me how to export an object in pose to many view point image files?
I'm a 3D photographer. When i have many view point of an object. I can integrate all images in to one and will produce 3D picture.
I don't know anything about poser.
Please see this example, this picture have 4 view point.

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Reply Date: 28-May-08

I'm not a Poser expert, but I might be able to help.

It's a simple matter of getting the views of the model you want, then render (calculate) those views.

I believe you can set up multiple virtual cameras in Poser.

Another option is to export your model to another 3D program, animate the camera going around the model and render out the sequence of images.

Check out Blender; it's open source, which means it's free.

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Reply Date: 01-Aug-08


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