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Poser - getting started; know nothing
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getting started; know nothing

I want to learn Poser.
I have purchased a couple of books, looked at a few tutorials. However, they all assume that the reader knows the basics; I don't.
I do best if I have direct instruction (a class or workshop)
I do second best if there is someone with whom I can converse directly (telephone or eMail).
I live in Northern Virginia (Washington DC suburbs).
Any suggestions how I can get started?

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Reply Date: 07-Dec-08

I'm new to Poser also and at the present time I'm taking a six week course at Visual Arts Academy ( It's a beginners class and she just skims the surface but enough to get started. I have learned a lot and you can ask her all the questions you want and she will bend over backwards to help you. The next session starts Jan 1st. It's $25 and well worth it. Hope this helps!!

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Reply Date: 08-Apr-09

Ive been using Poser since, as I recall, it was only a virtual version of the wooden mannequin of old, just to get an idea of appropriate lighting. Quick and simple and, maybe, superior to the modern bloated product for that purpose. Poser 7 has all sorts of bells and whistles; they just dont work.

But, to answer your question, it IS possible just to read (parts of) the manual, poke around, come up with some workarounds and get an adequate result to draw from. If you have loftier ambitions such as landing a job with Pixar, Im thinking Poser probably not the program you need anyhow.

~ John Mayer

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

The Smith Micro website has lots of video tutorials for the basic functions...alternatively, send me an e-mail and I'll help get you going.

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