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Classified Ads - Top-quality Game Art outsourcing company looking f
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Top-quality Game Art outsourcing company looking f

BlackBow is a China-based outsourcing studio providing top-quality art production services to the global game industry. The BlackBow team is dedicated professionals with years of experience working on AAA titles. We are dedicated to providing our clients with top of the line Art, at the best possible prices. Our goal is make all our clients to be repeat customers.

Website: http://
Company Address:
A2015 1st Gate A1 Section ZhaoWeiHuaDeng Edifice
#14 JiuXianQiao RD ChaoYang BeiJing China

Marketing Driector: Blake Seow
Marketing Assistant: Jason Zhen , Melinda Chang,
Phone: +86.010.84798903
Fax: +86.010.84798120

We provide:
LowPoly / HighRes Character modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering,
rigging, normal mapping, animation.
Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, normal mapping
Objects/Props modeling, texturing, normal mapping

We have 23 employees now; here are lists of the numbers of people who have the following skills:
LowPoly Modeling: 18
HighRes Modeling: 18
Normal Mapping: 18
Texturing: 18
Rigging: 2
Animation: 4
Concept drawing: 1

Main projects:

Name: The Golden Compass
Publisher: Sega Developed by: Shiny
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, PC
We've done 16 character with LODs and 72 props with LODs for this project.

Name : Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties
Publisher : MicroSoft
Developed by : BigHugeGames
Platforms : PC
We've done hundreds characters and units for this project.

Name :Age of Element
Publisher : Canceled
Developed by : Shiny
Platforms : PSP
We've done 6 characters for this project.

Name: Sovereign Symphony
Publisher : Not decided
Developed by : CEIDOT Studios
Platforms : PC
We've done all the art side, including 20 character and their over 200 movements, hundreds props, levels.

If you are interested in cooperating with our company, please just drop a email to, or

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