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Blender - Tosmi Trainings in Open Source Multimedia Instrume
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Tosmi Trainings in Open Source Multimedia Instrume

Hello all,

If you are interested in Open Source Multimedia Instruments we would like to inform you about TOSMI  an open source CGI and multimedia training for professionals organized by InterSpace Association. Two of the sessions conducted during the 2009 trainings will focus on game art design and 3D animation modeling, editing and production. The training is based on open source software and provides skills in innovative and efficient tools and distribution channels allowing for achieving quality production and/or education process at low expenses. Even though TOSMI is designed as a training program for professionals in open source media software, an applicant does not have to be familiar with 3d studio max or Maya, but should possess essential artistic skills and familiarity with media software.

The first course to start is General Blender Techniques, Tips and Tricks / 17 - 22 Aug.
Mixing theory and practice the course will teach you how to animate and model your own characters and bring them to life in just one week of lessons. During this course, trainees will produce their own small 3d film.
The second course Blender for game artists, game art design / 24 - 30 Aug will teach you how to create concept design, low-poly character & level design and reuse the existing game logic of YoFrankie! open source game.This course will use Blender as a multifunctional authoring tool for new game creation.

Each course has a participation fee of 1000 Euro that covers tuition fees, accommodation in Sofia, once a day meal (lunch) and coffee-breaks. If you participate in more than one course the tax is 800 Euro per course. There are also scholarships available to cover the participation fee.

In 2009 the training will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Deadline for enrollment is June 20th, 2009

To learn more about the program, methodology, software included and trainers, visit
or contact us at

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