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3D Studio Max - Kinematics / Linkage Question
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Kinematics / Linkage Question

I'm looking for help setting up the kinematics for the example shown.

Problem: I want to fix both ends of the kinematic chain, linking them to the part marked "fixed" at pivots 1 & 4. Then I want to move the links from 1-2, 2-3, and 3-4.

The closest I've come to the optimal solution is: (1) setting up an IK chain from 1-3, then (2) using a LookAt constraint for the 3-4 link. In addition, I've tried fixing point 3 with a Path constraint with a circle centered on pivot 4. This works reasonably well, but the pivot is not following the path constraint (circle).

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

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Reply Date: 12-Sep-09

OK, rhtomps guy.
I'll try to solve it.
Maybe just wait until tomorrow.
Introduce me, Beatmocco from Indonesia.

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Reply Date: 14-Sep-09

1. Make sure all pivot points [PP] positioned in the joint of the link respectively. PP link 3-4 on 4; PP link 2-3 on 2 & PP link 1-2 on 1. Okay, I name forward for link 3-4 as '1'; 2-3 as '2'; & 1-2 as '3' respectively. Also joint 1 as 'Bo'; 4 as 'Ao'; 2 as 'B1' & 3 as 'A1'.
2.Use Link tools to connect hierarchically of all links. Link 3 to Bo; Link 2 to Link 3; & link 1 to Ao.
3.Make a dummy and put on joint A1.
4.Link it to Link 2 using Link tools.
Make an IK-HI Solver for connecting link 2 and 3 by connecting the dummy to link 3. Change the goal size into 100%.
5.Then connect the goal IK solver to joint A1 or the shaft.
6.Try to rotate link 2 with respect to joint Ao and just see the movement.
7. Voila, it work right.
Try and don't be hesitate to ask me if u found any difficulties. OKay?
See u for your response.

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