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Poser - Placing Lights Within the Poser Scene
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Placing Lights Within the Poser Scene

I finally managed, very laboriously, to place a light within a lamp in my scene, but Im SURE theres a simpler way. However, the manual and a search of the internet have not revealed it. Can anyone, so to speak, enlighten me?


~ John Mayer

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

Mr. Mayer, you are going to love Poser!

Much of what you do to construct a 3D scene is laborious and very fussy, but done once, you need never do so again.

For instance, I put a small point light right over the tip of the flame in a candle object that I ran across. Yes, lots of fussing and adjusting with the translate dials, but finally I got what I wanted.

I saved that combo, parenting the light to the candle, in its proper format (figure for figure, prop for prop) and just load it into my scene when I need it.

You can also create whole rooms full of furniture, or whatever, and save it as a 'scene' in the library tab of the same name, then you can load that complex into any other Poser scene; alternatively, you can add it to your 'favorites' tab for easy access as well.

If you find the 'easy' way that doesn't involve translation dials or the 'move' tool, please let me know, too!

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