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Poser - How do I apply animation sets in Poser 7...
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How do I apply animation sets in Poser 7...


I created animation sets in Poser 7 to save a few mouth movements. Now I want to apply them to the character (same character, nothing too fancy). After I saved them I would've expected they would show up somewhere in the Library panel, perhaps under Poses, but I don't have anything in there. Any ideas where I can find them and how to apply them? The book says that you can save and reuse them but doesn't explain how...



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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

I see lots of animation poses saved under the Library Pose tab, which runtime are your working in when you do the save?

Give the speech animation a unique name, then use the 'search' tab to locate for me when I lose track of where I am in my myriad of linked runtimes.

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