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Poser - Atmosphere/Depth Cue???
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Atmosphere/Depth Cue???

I just use Poser, as I did with the earliest version, to get the lighting right for my drawings. And Ive got the basics pretty well, I guess. But learning how to do ANYTHING useful with atmospheric depth settings seems to require an advanced degree in Poser physics. All I really want is something like the depth cueing toggle button in the Pose window, with maybe a random generator for variations in fog layers and a density slider. But I guess if Poser hasnt opted for simplicity by version 7 theyre never going to.

Ive been at this for two days (I guess I have a touch of OCD) and Ive been able to render all my props and figures as white silhouettes, as black silhouettes and once, somehow, as misty shapes (close, but TOO misty). That last only worked when I rendered them with the Poser 4 engine, but I cant remember how I made the settings; otherwise Id do it again and overlay the scene with NO depth cue in Photoshop and just lighten the layer. Actually, I was GOING to do that, but I saved it as a .png and got only one layer, and the wrong one (I know; I should have checked).

So Im just looking for general advice on the EASIEST possible way to created atmospheric depth, ideally without recourse to any nodes. I know where the fog/smoke/smoky room settings are; they just dont seem to do anything (save that once). I dont need to know how to do anything fancy, since I only need a good reference.

By its extreme complexity Poser does a service to its professional users; no one is just going to pick up Poser and be competing with them for freelance assignments. Still, one wonders if Poser is doing ITSELF and its third party vendors any favors for that very same reason.

Yours truly,
John Mayer

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

The 'Atmosphere' dialogue under 'Materials' controls depth cueing; what have you tried there?

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