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Poser - External control of walking parameters in poser
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External control of walking parameters in poser

Hi, I'm planning to use poser for walking rehabilitation purposes. I'd like to change walking parameters on line externally (that can easily be changed using screen sliders), so that they related to patients real walking performance/effort while they walk on a treadmill. That means-can I change online values of those sliders by some external programme/parameters?

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

Interesting and helpful idea!

I think you can film your patients as they walk, using motion-capture lights, then maybe duplicate their gait in Poser to show them what could help alter their performance by changing the walk in Poser's Walk Designer facility as their therapist.

You could easily have a couple of monitors, so you can display the walk and control (i.e. change walk parameters)it from you PC.

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