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Poser - Save a tree and help a noob! MAT pose question.
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Save a tree and help a noob! MAT pose question.

I just started using Poser 8 a few days ago, and haven't run into too much trouble yet. However, Mat Poses are not supported by Smith Micro and as such I am having a difficult time finding the information I need.

So I've downloaded a bunch of Mat poses -- spiffy, right?
I thought so , too, but here's the problem :

I load up the corresponding figure, I go to click the mat pose...
And nothing happens! Now I'm assuming this is a user problem and not a software issue, so please -- I implore you, if someone could kindly baby step walk me through the process, I'll be your best friend for life!

After four hours of searching for this information, mostly only coming across how to make Mat poses, I'm at my wit's end. I urge you to be kind to this noob.

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

Well, this question is kinda confusing to me.

I have lots of MAT poses, and they work wonderfully well in Poser.

So, back up a bit...are the ones you are having trouble with installed in Poser and executed from within it?

Maybe I'm just not seeing the problem yet...can you expand upon what specifically happens?

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