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Poser - Lights
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A newbie question. I'm building a long corridor from a single section of a Daz sci-fi scene - just stacking one behind another. My question is how to light this long corridor. I've just used lighting on a single figure before this. How do I move the lights into positions along the corridor so I can form small spots on walls and the floor. Do the lights move out of the sphere of the floor diagram since I'm way over it's bounds. I hope this convoluted question makes sense.

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

You could easily create an infinite light that points straight down the corridor.

You could also place a series of spotlights wherever you want to light something within the length of the corridor.

You could put some point lights on some lamp or candle objects placed wherever you like and light it up that way.

Lights have lots of fun properties, and you might just experiment with them to find what you like best.

Poser also has some nice light setup in their stock library; good place to look and see the huge variety of options available in lights.

Without a doubt, lights will make-or-break your rendered scene. Have fun trying out various configurations. At least with Poser, nothing gets broken!

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