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Maya - Dynamic curves going NUTS!!! Please help!
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Dynamic curves going NUTS!!! Please help!

Hi everyone! I have been googling the web for a while looking for a solution to this problem. I must be doing something awfully wrong because I seem to be the only person with this probelm.

I am trying to create a hairstyle (long curly hair) with maya hair. I am shaping the curves first because it is easier to control them that way and then make them dynamic.

I have tried all methods of doing this I could come up with but every time I push the playback button the curves start wiggeling out of control and finally explode in my face instead of falling naturally.

This always happens when turning any sort of shaped curve into a dynamic one. Has anyone experienced this problem? Can anyone tell me how to fix this? The only way that has sort of worked for me was putting iterations at 1 but this also meant loosing most of the shape.

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