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Poser - Problems with conforming clothing.
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Problems with conforming clothing.

I'm using Poser8 with Michael3 and Major Cache. There's a body suit and I get it to conform, which is fine, but when I pose the model the skin breaks through the clothing, and when I use animation it's just a bloody mess! I've tried cloth simulations with no luck. Is it something small I'm missing? Happens with all the clothing, any model.

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

Well, if the clothing is not designed to conform to the M3 figure ab initio, then that is the likely outcome.

If the figure is designed to conform, make sure you check the 'include morphs' box in the properties tab of the clothing figure. Not all Poser versions have that.

I don't have P8, I bought PP2012 instead, but it has a similar choice: 'include morphs when conforming' check-box.

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