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Poser - Walk to camera problem
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Walk to camera problem

In Poser 7, I have a model that I want to walk up to the camera, stop, and then say something to cam. Simple, right? Walk toward the camera, stop on the mark and deliver a short speech.
I jhave set a walk path that ends infront of the cam at frame 179. My speech is 380 frames long and I want it to start at around frame 179-185.
If I just complete the walk designer then my character freezes at the end of the path and cannot be further moved or posed :(
If I add further keyframes then the model is instantly reset to the beginning of the walk path in the next frame after 179.
If I put a frame at the end of the clip and pose him in front of the cam he still teleports back to the start of the path at frame 179 and then glides motionless back to the foreground over the next 380 frames.
If I add my speech, no matter what I put in the Start or End frame values the speech starts on frame 1, leaving me with a mute, paralysed mannequin gliding about for the last 380 frames.
Can anyone help me?

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

I think you have to save the walk as a pose, and import it into the scene where you will render it; I've done spectacularly little with walking scenes, but if I were to try your project, that is where I would start.

My Poser Pro 2014 manual describes this very process in chapter 22.

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