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Poser - Problems finding Queue manager in Poser 8
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Problems finding Queue manager in Poser 8

I'm not sure why, but after re-installing Poser 8 I can't seem to find the Queue manager, as far as I remember it shows at the bottom of any Render settings screen and says "Send to queue" but it's not there anymore....I do have the application Queue manager and it's shortcut on my desktop and it works fine....
It's just I can't send any renders to it as it doesn't show up at the bottom of the render settings screen (If I remember rightly it used to say "Send to render queue") All I have done is installed Windows 7 and re-installed Poser.
I've looked first at help, which makes no mention of it, but I know it is still being shipped with Poser 2010 as I asked a pal who has just bought Poser Pro, he didn't have Poser installed at first, but found mention of that and a 'Background render' in 2010.
He has now installed Poser Pro 2010 but he cannot find where the Queue manager accessed from either? I've looked in preferences etc, but can't work out why I cannot get the tab at bottom of my render screen, although I have the shortcut for the Queue Manager on my desktop and it starts up fine....
Any ideas? - I'm lost without it.....

Many thanks.... Fractal.

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

Look in the Render dialogue; it has a choice for render in queue.

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