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General 3D Discussion - New Free E-Book About Paper Model Design With Soft
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New Free E-Book About Paper Model Design With Soft

Hi Im David Guzmán - PixelOz and I have just finished writing a new completely free e-book about how to design paper models with computer software. It shows a lot of the software programs that can be used to do the job but it is based mainly on Blender 3D and an illustration program of your choice. Despite that the concepts explained in the book can be translated to many other 3D programs with relative ease.

I posted it in here because sometimes 3D modelers or 3D CAD users want to do this in their spare time maybe as a hobby but there are also a few industrial uses for this so if a 3D program user wants to learn how to do this now they can use this resource.

It is 227 pages long and includes hundreds of color illustrations and images to help people understand the concepts of the e-book better.

All the 3D images of the book were created with the open source program Blender and it was written entirely in another open source program which is Open Office Writer with some illustrations made with CorelDraw X3.

I found while researching the subject and with my own experience that where many new paper model designers were having a we bit of trouble was not in some complex thing but in the basics of the subject and I decided to write something to shed some light on the subject and this e-book was the result of that.

The zip file contains the e-book in PDF format, a few 3D Blender files that can help a bit with practice and an additional unfolding script to the one that Blender already includes that has other special capabilities written by a talented programmer named estmír Houaka (Czestmyr).

You can download the e-book from here together with other free stuff that I make like wallpapers, icons, etc.:

Here in Deviantart hit the Browse Gallery button to see all my things.

You can also download it here:

This is the first time I write a book but I put a lot of effort into it and I really hope that it helps to clarify some things that are sometimes a bit confusing to new designers.

Browsing around many paper modeling forums I noticed a lot many of the troubles that some new designers were having with it and thats why I decided to put model design aside for a while cause it seemed to me that this could be better for the community overall.

That is also the reason of why it is mainly based around the Blender 3D program because its a 3D program that is capable enough and it can be accessed by anybody without having to worry about the budget cause it is completely free. Despite that it shows a lot of the programs that can be used to do paper model design and it teaches very important principles about paper model design that can be translated to many other 3D programs out there.

In addition as I state in the book the Blender 3D software is in a crucial moment of its life cause its in the middle of a mayor overhaul toward version 2.6 (it will be ready around summer) that is making the software much more powerful and it has a complete interface redesign that promises also to make the software easier to learn and use.

At the moment until the new version is finished the book is based in the latest production version of Blender which is version 2.49b which is still very capable.

I want to clarify here as I also stated in the book that the book is not intended to teach you how to model in 3D in Blender, it presumes that either you already know or that you are going to learn first and thats because there is plenty of tutorial material out there on how to learn Blender and also there are several books in the subject already and its about the same for many other 3D modeling or 3D CAD programs out there. I wanted more particularly to concentrate in teaching how to use it to create paper models and to teach the important basics about it cause there wasnt as much quality material specifically written for the subject that we paper modelers love that was free.

If you do find any serious error in the book (or a small one) you can post the message here or write me a private message so I can attempt to correct it and publish an updated version. :)

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