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Poser - My first try with Poser
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My first try with Poser

Hi evryone, I've bought Poser recently and I find it's an awesome program, I follow some tutorials on the net and Poser seems kinda easy to use, not like 3Ds Max which scared my azz out of 3D.

Here's my render:

As you may ask, I use Daz3D Michael 4 which is free, (if you're noobs like me you can find him at):

and adorable Linc character from Poseranim (small but nice Poser shop), you can get him at:

and thx April for the wonderful hair

My friends keep asking me how can I do it I'm so happy not letting them know muahahahah. And, I'm a noob in Poser so if you have any idea that help me improve the later renders please lemme know, thx a lot.

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

The picture link is broken; maybe you can re-post it?

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