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Poser - problems conforming clothes to M4
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problems conforming clothes to M4

Need help and i would appreciate very much if someone can help me.

I import the object into Poser and Group it with Michael4 and when i start to move Michael4 appear cuts on uniform's geometry.

image below:

Can someone tell me how do i remove those cuts?

Thank you much

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Reply Date: 30-Dec-13

Well, if it is a coat made to conform to M4 in the first place, it probably won't do that if you 'conform' it through the 'figure' menu.

Select the coat figure and select 'Conform to...'

Parenting does not work like that. That method merely makes one object 'follow' another in a rough fashion, without regard to underlying shapes.

For instance, you could pose two figures shaking hands. If you 'parent' one to the other, the 'parented' figure will follow the 'parent' figure wherever you move it, keeping the original relationship (i.e. shaking hands).

You will have to adjust the structure of the parented figure to match the parent figure yourself if you choose to make clothes 'fit' like that.

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